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Jen Heim
November 5, 2014 | Jen Heim

Stories From The Road - Nashville

Editor's Note: We are thrilled to add a new segment to our blog titled "Stories From The Road". At Trinitas, we are fortunate enough to have a great team that travels near and far to spread the Trinitas love, and get our wines into stores, shops, and resturaunts all over the country. As you may know, Trinitas wines can be found in about 14 states currently, and we only hope to grow that number over the years.

Through this idea, we asked our team to introduce us to some of the people they meet on the road, and the stories that come out of these meetings. Wine itself is a social being that brings people together, creates memories, and brings out some really great stories.

These are their Stories From The Road...

I visited an amazing little liquor store across from the Grand Ole’ Opry. It is the oldest liquor store in Nashville and is in the highest income area of the entire state. There are many musicians and famous country stars that buy from Joe Hobb’s wine shop - High Note Wine and Spirits. His father started the store and Joe has opened two more wine shops in the area. We tasted through all of our wines. His favorite was the 2010 PR Chard but when he got to our Oakville Cab he was floored. He said, “this is fantastic and I’ve been looking for something to replace this bottle”. He walked over and picked up a bottle of the Stags Leap Artemeis, and said, “your cab is better than that, and the only other person who comes in here to buy the Stags Leap is Blake Shelton... for Miranda, but I think she will like the Trinitas better!”

Joe and I talked for a while longer and I asked if I could take a picture of him with our wines, and I said, “see, now you can be in our famous monthly newsletter.” He laughed a little and said... “FAMOUS?!?!, I’m headed over to Randy Travis’ house tonight, I’ll bring him some of your wine!”

Joe picked up the Chard, Petite, and Cab for his shop. So Nashville fans, make sure to stop into High Note Wine and Spirits to pick up your Trinitas Wines, and let Joe know that yes, he is famous!


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