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Betsy Busch, Proprietor
April 12, 2015 | Betsy Busch, Proprietor

On the Road with Garrett and Betsy Busch: Day One.

Day 1: Napa to New Orleans

Garrett and I left California bright and early to make it out to New Orleans by afternoon. We were so excited for this adventure as neither of us have ever set foot inside the state of Louisiana! It’s about time!

 As we walked off the plane, we immediately knew we were far from home when that wave of humidity hit us! Wow, it’s warm here! We headed down to baggage claim and our new Trinitas Wine Check bag was waiting for us, safe and sound! Good news, Louisiana friends, the wine made it!

We headed to downtown New Orleans to check into our hotel on the Riverwalk and immediately noticed how many people were walking around and flocking towards the Riverwalk... Hmm, must be something going on here! We checked into our room, freshened up and headed back out to go to our event!

Turns out that the reason there were so many people flocking to the Riverwalk is that this weekend is French Quarter Fest in New Orleans and the Riverwalk is one of the many concert venues and we are right in the heart of the celebration! Apparently French Quarter Fest has a pretty good draw because we asked 3 different cabs if they would take us to our wine event across town and they all said no, too much traffic, too hard to get to, will take forever, etc… shoot!

Finally we found a cab to take us across town and we arrived at Swirl Wine Bar and Market on Ponce de Leon Street. What a great spot! We walked in to find a bustling little shop with an incredible selection of wines from all over the world! We had a Trinitas table set up at the back of the shop and customers could come try a flight of five different Trinitas wines. 

It was so great to get our first taste of Louisiana with great wine and great people! Thank you to everyone at Swirl Wine Bar who welcomed us with open arms and showed us such great hospitality at the event. We were also very excited to not only meet some new friends but also see some of our club members attend the event! We loved catching up with our Trinitas Wine Society members, Anne and Carl! 

Our friend, Kevin, joined us to explore New Orleans a little after the wine tasting event. Kevin is a resident of Louisiana (up in Shriveport at the other end of the state) and is a Trinitas Wine Society member, so naturally he travelled all the way to New Orleans to taste some wine and explore with us! We walked down to Bourbon Street to get a small sample of the craziness and stopped at Bourbon House to eat some delicious seafood! 

We didn’t get to explore too much because it was so late and we are heading out to Lettsworth tomorrow, so we will have to explore New Orleans more when we come back on Monday! Until then…

Laissez les bon temps roulez! 


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