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Betsy Busch, Proprietor
September 17, 2015 | Betsy Busch, Proprietor

Harvest Update

We first planted our Estate Vineyard, located at the Meritage Resort, back in 2005. The grape growing business is not an easy one and we have had a lot of struggles along the way and challenges to get this vineyard to mature. Usually from planting to first high quality and quantity harvest it can take up 7 years. Up until recently, we have bottled very small quantities of our Estate Vineyard (2008 and 2009). Most of the fruit from 2010 – 2012 we used to blend into our Napa Valley Meritage. 

We are very excited to announce our 2013 Estate Meritage, which has been a long time coming. We will be releasing this wine in November and hope you are excited to try the fruit of our labor on this hillside property.

We are also very excited about the upcoming vintages from this vineyard. We have our 2014 fruit still in barrel and our 2015 will be a great harvest. Over the weekend, we harvested the Merlot and Malbec blocks. The 2015 vintage will be an interesting one for our estate vineyard because we will be picking in 3 picks and the picks span over about 2-2.5 weeks. Historically we have mostly picked in 2 picks on back to back days. This vintage caused the different varietals to ripen at different rates and to make the best wine we want to pick at the peak of ripeness for each grapevarietal. The Merlot and Malbec came in first, we anticipate to pick the Petite Verdot next about a week behind the first pick, and we may pick the Cabernet Franc at the same time if it catches up. Then last but not least we will pick the Cabernet Sauvignon block which is the later ripening grape, although much earlier than usual this year. Overall the harvest has been early in 2015 and this vineyard is about 3 weeks ahead of our previous earliest harvest, this early ripening definitely is the cause for the uneven ripening in the different blocks.

Amazingly, we believe that we will likely finish harvesting all of our grapes before October begins, this will be a first at Trinitas Cellars as we usually go on picking our big reds in Napa through the 3rd week in October if not later. Guess that means our winemaker, Kevin, is going to have a pretty relaxing November and December!



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