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Garrett Busch, Proprietor
November 26, 2015 | Garrett Busch, Proprietor

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is an amazing time for family and most of all for TRADITIONS! We love Traditions…but…we are breaking from tradition this Thanksgiving. As some of you have heard Betsy and I are expecting triplets and they are probably coming out in two months. So Betsy is done travelling for the time being which means we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house. I’m super excited about it actually, I grew up always having every major family holiday hosted by my parents. I always dreamed that eventually I would be the one hosting these great holidays…well it didn’t happen when or why I imagined it but here we are! So my deal was if I’m hosting I am not going to be totally traditional, because I’m afraid of cooking Turkey and having a Griswold Family style outcome (if you don’t get the reference it is that time of year to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!!!). I am really a big fan of beef though and I know how to cook it perfectly. So I’m excited to be making a bone in Prime Ribeye Roast…I know Turkey is very traditional Thanksgiving but what is more American than a side of beef?!?!?! The good news is that it is perfect fare for the wines we will be drinking. We had an amazing little dinner with some of our Proprietors’ Club members at the Library November 7th and released a new single vineyard Cab we made the 2013 Pelkan Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon…yep we made ANOTHER new wine…but you’ll be as happy as I am about it. So lovely at such a young age that it is making an appearance at the Thanksgiving beef extravaganza at our house. Also great though for the rest of the day…because let’s all be honest the wine drinkingdoesn’t begin at the meal…is some 2012 Carneros Chardonnay. Goes with all those apps and is refreshing yet big enough that you can drink at cellar temp which is great now that the weather is cooling down (especially important for our friends in the snow!) The Mysteriama is also going to be around the house since it is an easy “gee I don’t know what to pair with this food” kind of wine. It goes with it all…cheese appetizer…yep! Shrimp? Yessir! Turkey…yep…but it is way better when you have cranberry sauce on it! This wine does it all, so we will have a healthy supply of the 2011 Mysteriama on hand. I know…some of you are saying “what about the Pinot?!” and you are correct this is an amazing Thanksgiving wine…but you already knew that so what do you need me for?!

 On a side note…if any of you have a mother-in-law coming make sure you have the Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge. Have to make them happy!!! See Stasi, I’m always thinking of you ;-)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We will all be enjoying great meals and even better wine this Thanksgiving, but we need to remember why we do it, it’s for all of the PEOPLE around us. I’m thankful for all of you who are enjoying Trinitas on your special day, and we will be praying for you all and thinking of you when we enjoy some Trinitas on Thanksgiving ourselves. Thanks for all your support and love…I hope we can return the favor one day.
God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving
Garrett Busch


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