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Betsy Busch, Proprietor
October 22, 2013 | Our Wines | Betsy Busch, Proprietor

For the Love of Blends!

I am no wine expert, but I have come to know what I enjoy to drink and what I do not! One of my favorite current releases at Trinitas is the 2010 Mysterium, which is a red blend of 6 different varieties. While pouring at various wine events and in the tasting room, I have come to learn that there is a large misunderstanding around the word “blend” with wine consumers today. I often find that there is a negative connotation with the word “blend”, as if the wine is not as good if it has been blended. Would the winemaker blend the wine if it were not going to result in a better wine? While there are many amazing and coveted single vineyard, single varietal wines, there are also some lesser-known, under-appreciated blends and I am here to share my love for them!

According to, one definition of blending is “to mix (various sorts or grades) in order to obtain a particular kind or quality”. When we think about blending wine, this definition is extremely relevant, as the main purpose for blending is to obtain a particular flavor or improve the quality of the wine. The winemaker is entrusted with the difficult task of determining which blend will enhance the quality of the wine and bring all of the best flavors, aromas and palates together. Too much of a certain variety and you might overpower the wine with that variety, but in the right ratio, the various varieties can truly complement each other to create a quality blend!

Among red blends, Mysterium is my favorite Trinitas blend, as I find it pairs well with almost anything, including itself! I also find that it is a fun wine to introduce to friends and family just because of the unique blend and smooth, fruity flavors. Each year, Mysterium, the Latin word for “mystery”, is truly a mystery to all, until the final blending is done about a month before bottling. Each grape variety is fermented and aged separately and based on the complexity and flavors, Kevin, our winemaker, will try several different blends of these varieties before deciding on the final magical “recipe”. This blending gives the ability to create a consistent Mysterium wine year after year even with a different blend because of the ability to choose those particular varieties in a certain year that are giving the desired flavors and characteristics and leave out others.

What I find most fascinating about blending is that each variety can bring something different to the blend, and sometimes even the slightest addition of one particular variety will make the difference for that wine. Sometimes we add a wine to a blend for the beautiful floral aromas, or fruity palate or even for the rich color. At the end of the day, I trust the expertise of the winemaker and look forward to the next mysterious vintage of Trinitas Mysterium! 


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