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June Busch, Trinitas Wine Dog
December 7, 2013 | Events, Our Wines, Tasting Room | June Busch, Trinitas Wine Dog

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Merry Christmas Trinitas Family! Welcome to my first blog post… it’s taken me a while to learn how to type with my paws! My name is June Busch and I am a Goldendoodle from Southern California. My family started Trinitas Cellars and I am their official Trinitas wine dog, woof! What a life it is to be a wine dog, fellow pups you may want to look into it. I am 4 years old in dog years, which makes me 28 years old in human years so don’t worry I’m of age, cheers to that!

Check out our Christmas Tree!

Tis the season for Christmas traditions; just last night we took a trip down to the tree lot to pick out my first ever REAL Christmas tree. Now that I know what a real Christmas tree smells like, I just don't think I can go back to those plastic imposters! Mom put colored lights on the tree this year, which I am a huge fan of since they really bring out my shimmering gold colored coat. I especially love this time of year because every night Mom lights up the fireplace and the whole family will snuggle up on the couch with a glass of wine while we watch Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. By the way, my favorite movie is the one where the dog saves Christmas! This year, our favorite wine to drink while we cuddle up by the fire is the Old Vine Petite Sirah, yum yum. Red wine is the best during the holidays for the following reasons. One, it’s red, which of course is the color of Christmas and the color of Santa Paws’s coat. And two, it warms you up, which makes it like an adult version of hot chocolate!

I'm ready to celebrate!

Trinitas family and friends, I hope you all enjoy this holiday season! Continue the wonderful Christmas traditions of decorating the tree, enjoying the fireplace, watching Christmas movies and of course enjoying a bottle of Trinitas wine! Yum yum!



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@ Sep 10, 2015 at 11:50 PM
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Theresa Leavens
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Intelimax IQ
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Alpha Man Pro
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do not buy Megadrox
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Garcinia Lean Xtreme
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Grow XL
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Detox Slim
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Staminon's Gravatar
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Ripped Test Ultra
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Spartagen XT
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Garcinia Melt
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DSN Pre Workout
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DSN Pre Workout
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Neo Hydrate Gold
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Alpha Boost
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DSN Pre Workout
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ZetaClear's Gravatar
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V-Tight Gel
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Max Gain Xtreme
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Zymax Male Enhancement
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Hormones act a part in ladies hair loss mission. this is why often the instant once a female spot hair loss to turn out to be a trouble, it's miles across the intervals of hormonal flux in particular menopause and publish being pregnant, or maybe in moments of severe pressure.http://www.healthsupreviews.com/zymax-male-enhancement/

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Garcinia Slim Extract
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Garcinia Slim Extreme
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In korea, men, girls and children fly kites all through the first few days of the brand new 12 months. kite flying is likewise some thing to look ahead to, and an crucial a part of the men pageant, which is held each may in japan, and in china, in the future each year is commemorated as kites day. http://boostupmuscles.com/celexas-reviews/

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Fierce Male Enhancement
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Magna Force Plus
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Alpha Tren
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Muscle XTX
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Hydro Muscle Max
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Androx Extreme
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Raw Power XL
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Max Gain Xtreme
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Bio Testosterone XR
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First allow us to communicate approximately what need to now not be performed. on no account need to a person suffering with cystic acne attempt to squeeze or burst a cyst. this could have detrimental effects. frequently, this can serve best to make any infection deeper, inflicting the cyst to take longer to heal than if left on my own.http://boostupmuscles.com/bio-testosterone-xr/

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Hydro Muscle Max
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