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Lucy Garibay, Wine Society Coordinator
March 9, 2014 | Wine Society | Lucy Garibay, Wine Society Coordinator

A Modern Romance in Napa

In a modern age of Facebook and “Facetime,” finding a traditional relationship with same morals and values can be difficult to find. Wine Society Members since June 2013, Elona and Paul Rapp found each other using the modern convenience of Match.com.

Elona’s previous residence was in Lodi and Paul’s in San Ramon. Had it not been for today’s technology, they might have never met. They were so close yet so far from each other. “We never would have been introduced if it wasn’t for online dating.”

From the day that they met, they have not been inseparable. Not only did they share the same family values and traditions but they had so much in common. Their love for wine and travel has led them many parts of the world including Napa.

Elona and Paul have made Trinitas Cellars and the Meritage Resort a part of their love story. “I asked for Elona’s hand in marriage as I knelt in front of her at a look-out that stood directly above the wine cave where we would be married less than a year later.”

Elona found it only appropriate to use our estate cave to hold their wedding ceremony and reception.

“The venue couldn’t have been more magical. Jaws dropped at the sight of the beautiful and warmly lit wine cave where we would eventually exchange our vows.”

We have been so lucky to have Elona and Paul as Wine Society members and to be a part of their love story!

Cheers to you both and your happily ever after!

Photos courtesy of: 
Debbie Labrot
Lily Rose Photography




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