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Wine of the Week: 2006 Trinitas Old Vine Zinfandel

Thursday, May 28, 2009

by Stefan Blicker

The unlikely location was Newark, N.J. airport. We had just received the crushing news that our flight was "at least" two hours late (which actually turned into four hours) and were weighing the options of how to pass the time (Wolfgang Puck's or TGIFridays...) when out of the desert rose the VinoVolo Wine Bar. I was pleasantly surprised that my good friend Kevin Mills' label, Trinitas, was on the list. We ordered the zin. Then we ordered it again. And again. It was delicious. The staff at this little place just raved about it. We agreed. Life was good again.

Trinitas is the wine label associated with the Meritage hotel in Napa. Kevin makes the wines and his zin is justifiably popular (the pinots are great, too). We found it to be rich and silky, with loads of the wild, spicy, chewy and gutsy black wild-berry thing you want in a good zin. Ripe enough to be exuberantly fruity but not over the top. Just plain delicious and very quaffable, whether in the backyard or trapped in Terminal 4. This is mostly found in the wine shops around town, so try there first. At right around $20, it's perfect.