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A Letter From Our Proprietor, Garrett Busch

Dear Trinitas Friends and Family,

                  Holy Harvest! Well this year has been an interesting and exciting one...and of course the question on everyone's mind, and one many of you have been asking for months, is "'s 2017 shaping up for the grapes?" Although it may still be a pinch too early to weigh in on the final verdict, I can at least give the preview.
                  Many of you know we had an incredibly wet winter which was overall a great thing. Rain can be the enemy of a good harvest but fortunately the lion share of it landed during the vines' dormancy, and it really helped restore a base for our ground water which is a good thing, and the vines had plenty of water to sip on through the season.
                  We started out with a record setting June temperature wise, June this year had one of the highest number of days with temperatures above 100 on record. We were baking, but it was still early enough in the season that the heat was not an issue for the fruit. Fortunately for the fruit, and us humans, July and August were a little more typical and we had some great ripening through there.
                  We at Trinitas started harvest on August 21st for our Sauvignon Blanc. In true Trinitas form, that turned out to be a BIG three ways! First, of course harvest started. Second, that was also the day of the great American eclipse, unfortunately it was overcast so we missed seeing it, so I guess we will wait for the next one! Third, we have been celebrating our 15th anniversary this calendar year, but August 21st was the actual day, marking the 15th year since we formed the company on August 21st, 2002, I don't know what the odds are of that, but good things usually come in threes for us!
                  The early fall was very warm but it normalized in mid-September. Overall Kevin and I are loving the flavors from this harvest so far and are looking forward to another great year, we have had an amazing streak! You all will have to wait a few years to taste the 2017 juice, but we have some other amazing juice coming your way right now. If you are in our Growers' Society you will be getting our 2014 Pinot Noir, 2014 Merlot, 2012 Meritage, and the 2014 Rose'ary.
                  The Pinot is rock solid, another killer vintage and killer execution by Kevin on this wine. He is always super careful with this wine, it is his little baby. As many of you have heard, his wife Brandy almost exclusively drinks Pinot so if he messes up our Pinot he's in trouble at home and at work so he is sure to always make this one of our shining stars. It is just amazing all around!
                  The 2014 Merlot is so good, I know Merlot has had a bad name for a few years but I encourage you to try this Merlot. It is complex, deep, rich, and stands up well next to its big brother Cabernet Sauvignon. Rutherford is literally one of the finest areas on the planet to grow Merlot and we love the juice this fruit creates year after year.
                  The 2012 Meritage has to be my favorite wine of late...I know I always say I don't have a favorite, and I don't, but I go through phases and 2012 Meritage is my phase right now...with no end in sight. It has the silky soft mouthfeel that makes this wine so easy drinking and just delightful on the palate. As usual, you can enjoy a bottle of this on its own, I have done a lot of that recently, or with a beautiful meal. Can I recommend a beautiful Chateau Briand rotisserie on the grill? Does not get much better than that.
                  Then there is the 2014 Rose'ary, light yet complex, and always showcasing gorgeous strawberry and watermelon notes. It is dry and one of my favorite wines for hanging out in the back yard watching the Trinitots wreak havoc, running all over, playing with the hose, and generally having a ball! I also would recommend trying this with my favorite new snack I discovered over the summer, thanks to our good friend Skip Adams in New Orleans, some fresh cut watermelon drizzled in extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with big flaky salt crystals, yum! Sounds weird but trust me it is addicting.
                  We have some real gems coming to our Winemakers' and Proprietors' Society members. Let's start with the 2014 Family Collection Chardonnay from the Castellucci Vineyard in Rutherford. This is hands down my favorite Chardonnay on the planet year after year (I hope our Carneros Chardonnay does not read the newsletter, I love that too!) The marriage of the Russian oak and incredibly dense, viscous, and voluptuous mouthfeel of this wine are just incredible. I think I enjoyed close to a bottle of this at the Lobster Feed, but what would be better than this wine with lobster and drawn butter?!
                  Then we have a duo of single vineyard Cabernets for you that are super fun to compare side by side because they couldn't be from more different locales. First is the 2014 Martin Cabernet Sauvignon, coming from south east Napa in the Coombsville appellation. It is a little cooler down here on the south east valley floor causing a longer growing season, which creates more classic yet bold Napa Cab. This is always my Ribeye wine! Then you have an opposite situation for the Pelkan Cabernet Sauvignon which comes from Knights Valley and sits on the western hillside at the top roughly around 1100 feet elevation. It is warmer for sure and the rocky soils on the mountain top always produce tiny berries and intense concentration which we love. This is equally tasty with a steak but the fine tannins melt away with a leaner cut like New York or even a Prime Filet. Check these both out side by side to see just how important terroir is. These will both age equally well and I look forward on drinking these year after year to watch them mature!
                  Then we have the big boy, the 2010 Amarone RISERVA!!!! This is only our second Riserva and the first released since the 2007. Riserva Amarone can only be made in the absolute most perfect vintages because of the extended drying of the fruit, every berry and bunch must be perfect. The fruit is dried 120+ days so you lose well over 50% of the juice...but that's why every drop remaining is so concentrated and amazing. There is nothing more to say this wine speaks for itself!
                  Just a quick reminder that we changed over our Wine Society shipment schedule this year, so this will be the last Wine Society shipment of 2017! So if you were planning on some wine coming for the holidays make sure to give us a call, drop us an email, or better yet stop by the winery and we would love to stock you up for all the celebrations!
                  It has been an amazing fifteen years here at Trinitas and I have been more than delighted and honored to serve all of you for the last seven and a half of them. On behalf of our Trinitas family I just want to thank all of you for the many great years and we all look forward to making great wine and serving you for the next 15 years and beyond!

All the best,

Garrett Busch
CEO & Proprietor

Download the Full Fall 17' Newsletter