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Summer Shipping Solutions


The heat is upon us! In order to try and protect your wine orders during the summer months, Trinitas Cellars has a couple Summer Shipping Solutions for you. ALL summer orders will either be shipped via our ground “UPS Summer Cold Shipping” or via 2-3 day expedited shipping. Please see more information on this below:

UPS Summer Cold Shipping Solutions:

This process involves a scheduled cold truck picking up orders from our facility and traveling to certain cold hub destinations (Jacksonville, FL; Mesquite, TX; Parsippany, NJ; Chicago, IL; Greensboro NC.)  Orders will be delivered from this cold hub to your doorstep.

*Note: Cold hubs not available in all states. Expedited shipping is used in place of this.



Reciprocal State Shipping- $0.75 per hundred-dollar value (ONLY covers breakage or loss).

*ALL non-reciprocal states (with the exception of MA or UT) do NOT have the temperature-controlled option. Expedited shipping is available for ALL non-reciprocal states except MA and UT*

*Non-Reciprocal states include: AL, AR, DE, KY, MA, MS, ND, NH, NJ, OK, PA, SD, UT

*For all orders to the states listed above, please contact us @ 707-251-3017 or info@trinitascellars.com


Expedited Shipping: 2-3 Day Air

Pricing depends on location and number of bottles purchased.

Expedited shipments will be shipped with ice packs.

Ice pack rates:

· One Ice pack $1 for anything less than a case.

· $2 for case orders (2 ice packs in each case order)

Expedited/Cold Shipping Insurance-

$0.75 per hundred-dollar value for Next Day Air, 2-Day Air and Temperature controlled (Ground)- (covers breakage & loss).

HOLD Order: Our shipping facility/fulfillment house allows orders to be made and held at the request of the customer until the summer weather subsides. Please email info@trinitascellars.com for details.