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Trinitas Proprietors, Tim and Steph Busch, balance their resources to grow their business, benefit the community and honor and serve God in all they do. They have established the Trinitas Philanthropy Association and Charity Program as part of their creed.

Tim is a co-founder of the Magis Institute, which sponsors a host of spiritual endeavors including retreats, ethics training, and wealth stewardship forums. Additionally, he serves on Boards for the Catholic University of America, Patrons of the Vatican Arts, John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington D.C. and the Papal Foundation.

Philanthropy Association Incentives:

We offer wholesale prices on selected wines for non-profit organizations and individuals purchasing for non-profit organizations. Contact Garrett Busch at garrettbusch@trinitascellars.com for details. Due to high demand, not all requests can be granted.