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A Letter From Our Proprietor, Garrett Busch

Dear Trinitas Family,

Yet again we all cannot believe that it is already about to be Christmas and that of course means we are wrapping up another year and putting it in the books. I always like to reflect back on the year and see all the amazing things that happened. The year for us started out in a huge way for our family when we welcomed Jameson, Reagan, and Remington, otherwise known as the Trinitots, into our family. It has been an incredible blessing for us, but one of the things that I just love is that these kids bring so much joy not just to us but to our friends and family, and many times to random strangers on the street. As you can imagine, when we walk around with their “baby limo” we get a lot of looks and stares, but it amazes me just how much joy people have seeing these babies and also the incredible kindness of folks as well. Total strangers go out of their way to help us get through a crowded place, helps us with bags (and babies sometimes) getting on and off a plane, and a very nice, brand new mother even came up to us, said we were amazing and handed me $10 to buy us coffee. The whole experience just makes you see the good in people. Furthermore, all of you have just been incredible always asking us how we are doing and how the kids are, so thank you for taking the interest and for remaining such great friends. Now I’m just waiting for them to be old enough to host you all at the winery!

This time of year though is all about family and friends. So I hope you all have already had an amazing Thanksgiving and a fantastic Christmas coming up. One of my favorite things about wine is actually what it does: it brings people together. I always love having people over and opening some great wine and spurring good conversation. My favorite time of the year to do that is now when everyone is in such great spirits…and usually much better spirits after the wine! So please enjoy some good wine this holiday season but I hope you enjoy the company and conversation around it even more!

Another exciting thing that happened this year has been the groundbreaking of the new expansion across the street from the Meritage. The project will not be done until 2018, but will include more beautiful guest rooms and most importantly for us, our brand new Tasting Room! There will also be other tasting rooms on property of other small wineries for you all to come and explore…it will truly be a destination. We are especially excited about our new space though since we have outgrown the cave thanks in part to the amazing patronage and support of all of you. We not only will have more space but more of an ability to host special private and unique tasting experiences, similar to what we offer in the Trinitas Library. We will bring you more news and updates as construction continues but definitely mark the fall of 2018 on your calendars so you can come visit us in our new spot!

The other amazing milestone of the year, is harvest 2016…every harvest is special for us at Trinitas but this one is extra special. 2016 marks Kevin Mills’ 10th harvest with us. In 2007 we were searching for a new winemaker with the departure of our previous winemaker, Matt Cline. We were very fortunate to meet Kevin, who was at the time with Peju, and bring him on as our winemaker. Since Kevin started 10 years ago we have expanded the portfolio to 26 wines, I think it was closer to 7 or 8 when he started. Believe it or not we didn’t even make the infamous “butterscotch bomb” Trinitas Chardonnay until after Kevin started! I have challenged him by throwing all these different “projects” at him,  with a few wines or varietals he has never made before but he has done a great job taking everything and turning it into amazing wine. It has been extra important and special to have Kevin around these past years because I came into the winery at 23 essentially knowing little to nothing about wine, however, through tasting and working a lot with Kevin in the cellar, I have been able to develop my palate and also my winemaking knowledge and experience with him. We have had many barrel tasting sessions and otherwise that  included A LOT of questions from me and he patiently answered all of them and assisted in my wine knowledge overtime. So thank you Kevin and here is to another great 10 years of winemaking at Trinitas!

Thank you all so much for your continued patronage and support. It means so much to us and we love sharing our wines with you and serving you here at Trinitas. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. I hope this time of year is blessed with incredible company from family and friends with great conversation surrounding good times and delicious wines. This is my favorite time of year and I hope you all enjoy it as well.

God Bless,
Garrett Busch

Click Here to Download the Full December 2016 Newsletter!